The Sculpture Across America Tour is an interactive traveling sculpture project created to support arts education in the United States while bringing communities together with a meaningful creative experience that will have a lasting positive impact.

 With help from local artists and community arts collectives, Sculpture Across America will create a huge sculpture in a city in each of the 50 states. For every sculpture made, more than 7,000 students will be reached with in-school visits, and hands on workshops, and demonstrations.

 This project aims to help students build self-esteem by demonstrating a positive outcome through teamwork, planning, overcoming challenges, and the completion of a community strengthening creative concept.

 The Sculpture Across America program is a unique opportunity to provide a critical component of a well-rounded education by inspiring the youth of America with a creative art experience.

Our Goals are dynamic. In Addition to the positive creative influence on kids and communities, we plan to raise enough funding to keep our program running as well as generate extra revenue from each of the exhibitions to directly support the arts programs in the communities we visit.

To get our project started we must first raise enough money to purchase the equipment and materials needed to visit our first two cities. With these funds locked, we will begin planning our journey and will capture every step of the process on video. Each city stop will be edited down to a half hour web series program that people across the country and around the world can watch. We want people to keep up with our progress and all of the challenges we overcome along the way.

 In total, we hope to raise more than fifty thousand dollars to be given directly to the schools we visit by selling tickets to the opening night receptions for each of the sculpture events. To do this we must also raise nearly $10,000 per week just to keep our project rolling. This money will pay for materials, food, lodging, gas, insurance, and will pay my two team members and me just enough for our personal expenses like student loans, mortgage payments and utilities on our homes. It total we would each earn less than $600 per week after taxes. We’re not in it to get rich but rather to enrich the lives of countless creative American youths who will be effected by our tour. We know it’s a lot to ask but if everyone we meet along the way gives just one dollar…

Please help us by contributing as much as you can today.  Any amount will be appreciated.