Jason Hackenwerth


2003 Savannah College of Art and Design

1998 Webster University, St. Louis, MO



2016 Pupu, Pulse Contemporary Art Fair, Miami FL

2015 Summerflugl, Technopark, Zurich, Switzerland

2014 Fleeting Innocence, Museum of Fine Art St. Petersburg, FL

2014 Aviary, Guggenheim Museum, NY

2013 Corona, Abu Dhabi International Science Fair, Abu Dhabi

2013 The Dance of The Honey Bee, Manchester England

2013 Pisces, Edinburgh International Science Festival, National Museum Scotland

2013 Song of The Silken Mermaid, Skybox, Philadelphia, PA

2012 Cloud Cave, Victoria and Albert Museum, London

2011 Peter and The Wolf, Peter B. Lewis Theater, Guggenheim Museum, NY

2011 And Then There Were None, Hong Kong Art Fair, Hong Kong

2011 Posy, Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA

2011 Nucleotide, TED, Long Beach, CA

2011 Untitled installation, Tennessee Technological University, TN           

2011 Untitled installation, Bergdorf Goodman, New York, NY

2010 Lions and Lambs, Creative Oklahoma, Cox Center, OK

2010 Megamite, Natural History Museum, Los Angeles, CA*

2009 High Line Megamite, New York, NY*

2009 Spectronomic Photoluxe, TED, Palm Springs, CA

2008 Megamites at MAD, Museum of Arts and Design, NY

2008 Prizefighter, Pulse Art Fair, NY

2007 The Madonna Project, Art Basel, Miami Beach, FL 

2007 Artrageous, Bloomingdales, NY

2007 The Sheppard, City Museum, St. Louis, MO

2007 Megamite Army, Coachella Music Festival, CA

2006 Megamite Army, Art Basel, Miami Beach FL

2006 The Light That Guides Us, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL

2006 Honeysuckle Labyrinth, Cipriani 42nd St. New Museum Gala, NY

2005 Megamite in Miami, Art Basel, Miami Beach

2005 Megamite in Manhattan, Deitch Projects, Art Star Parade*

2005 Megamite Biennale Boogie, 51st Venice Biennale, Venice Italy

2005 Spawn, SCAD, Savannah, GA

2004 Untitled installation, scope Art Show, Miami Beach, FL

2004 Untitled installation, scope Art Show, London



2016 Message For Nineveh, TAMU-CC, Corpus Christi, TX

2015 Lagoon II, J Terminal Gallery Miami International Airport Galleries

2014 Lagoon, J Terminal Gallery Miami International Airport Galleries                                   

2012 Return of Quetzalcoatl, Museum of Oxacan Painters, Oaxaca Mexico

2012 The Tempest, Redux Contemporary Art Center, Charleston, SC

2012 Trinity, Webster University, St. Louis, MO

2011 Alpha Omega, Greenbox Arts Festival, Green Mountain Falls, CO                       

2010 Cocoon, City Arts Center, Oklahoma City, OK

2010 Tide of Poseidon, Harper College, IL

2009 Titan and The Fireflies, The Skybox, Philadelphia, PA

2009 Micro-Macro, Firehouse Gallery, BCA, Burlington, VT

2009 Cochleapods, Herron Gallery, IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN

2008 Predator and Pray, Cicele R. Hunt Gallery, St. Louis, MO

 2008 Phantoms, Navta Schultz Gallery, Chicago, IL

2007 Liminal Space, Lyons Wier Ortt, NY

2006 Orgasmoebic, Raid Projects, Los Angeles, CA

2006 Summer Song, Jang Heung Art Park, Seoul Korea

2006 Revenge of The Megadon, Peabody Museum, New Haven, CT

2006 The Light That Guides Us, Navta Schultz, Chicago, IL           

2006 Dream of The Fisherman’s Wife, Diesel Denim Gallery, NY

2006 Belly of The Beast, The Proposition, NY



2016 Art 31, Art and History Museums, Maitland, FL

2014 Art in Action, Louisiana Museum of Art and Science, LA

2013 Cloud Cave, Art Experiment, Garage for Contemporary Culture, Moscow

2013 Motus, DeFine Art, SCAD, Savannah, GA

2012 Biomimicry, Wiseman Art Museum, Target Studio, Minneapolis, MN

2010 The Honey Tree, Islip Art Museum, NY

2010 Quetzalcoatl, New Children’s Museum, San Diego, CA

2010 Venus, New Children’s Museum, San Diego, CA

2010 The Garden, Art Space, NY*

2010 Agartha, New Children’s Museum, San Diego, CA

2009 Return of Trilodon, New Children’s Museum, San Diego, CA

2009 Ecstasy of The Scarlet Empress, UICA, Grand Rapids, MI

2007 Leviathan, LIC Sculpture Show, Socrates Sculpture Park, NY

2006 Balloonery, Riverside Art Museum, CA

2006 Ghosts and Machines, Rush Arts, NY                       

2006 Happy Birthday, Insa Art, Seoul, Korea

2005 Multiple Partners, Pablo’s Birthday, NY

2005 Waterways, Vara Global, Venice Italy

2005 Elastic Boundaries, Red Gallery, SCAD, Savannah, GA

2004 From Here to There, Margaret Thatcher Projects, NY

2004 20th Anniversary Show, Elliot Smith Contemporary Art, St. Louis, MO

2004 Hard and Soft, Margaret Thatcher Projects, NY,

2004 Everything You Want To Know About Art, Elliot Smith Gallery, St. Louis, MO



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2016 SCAD Sand Arts Festival

2012 Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis, MN

2012 Redux Studios, Contemporary Art Center, Charleston, SC

2011 Pollock-Krasner Foundation Inc. Grant recipient

2010 Webster University

2009 SCAD, Atlanta

2009 IUPUI, Indianapolis

2005 Scope Roving Artist Grant           

2003 New York Work Space Residency, SCAD